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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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garage under the townhouse. the medical examiner said he died of carbonmon oxide poisoning. the national transportation safety board -- national traffic highway association said as more car manufacturers go keyless, a safety issue is emerging. they could reuse is the number of caron monoxide poisoning by requiring that each car have an alarm, a sound you would hear if you try to walk away without turning the car off. they say you could also reduce the number of rollaway accidents when a car just rolls forward if it's the same audible alert let people know they were trying to turn the car off before putting it in park. now, there have been some situations where people's gas pedals were stuck down on the car and it was moving quickly. they tried to shut it off by hitting the power button. but, it didn't hold the button
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down quite long enough. nitsa wants to standardize the buttons. so, in an emergency, the car would immediately turn off with just one quick touch. joel pitt said that keyless cars should have a fail-safe shutoff. >> if you're far enough away from the car, whether that is 20 feet or 50 feet or 10, whatever it is, that it would automatically shut it down and this would not have prehaved my father's situation but other situations around the captain i. >> reporter: after similar situations infafla and new york, he said it's time for a national conversation. it won't save his dad but will save someone else. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and this is a good reminder to make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors. the proposed car manufacturer requirements were proposed yesterday and now is time for them to comment and shape the rules. >> a father's accused in the death of his two met old
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daughter. the 21-year-old francis reid's daughter amber was taken to the hospital on saturday and needing cpr. they charged reid with child abuse. amber died yesterday and rode may face a higher charge. a shocking report shows more than 4,000 homeless children are living in d.c. that is more than double from 2009 dick and 30% of east children are living in poverty -- of d.c. children are living in poverty. more than two thousand in maryland. the -- $22,000 in maryland. >> a major drug bust at dulles international airport. the customs agent seized nearly 12 pounds of learn worth $375,000 more than a week ago. they found the stash in the lining of a suit eye case amount traveler from ghana was arrested. the heroine was headed for new york. a surprise in the jerry sandusky case. he waived his right to a preliminary hearing and the charges he sexually abused young boys while the coach at penn state. it means where's one 10 closer to trial but the attorney said it's a tactical move. >> we would have heard a
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recitation of the allegations without realist -- realistically being able to cross-examine the witnesses who testified as to their credible. as all of you know, credibility is going to be the many factor in this case. >> fox 5s paul wagner was in pennsylvania for the hearing. paul, the strange tactical move, isn't it? they report usually criminal defends trying to slow things down, not speed things up? >> it's a strange move, brian, but not unexpected, to be honest with you. because a lot of times these preliminary hearings are waived. but, if you look at it from joe amandola's point of view, he succeeded this was a shrewd move on his part. instead of us talking about all of the witnesses and what they said about jerry sand offingo the witness stand, instead, we're talking about jerry sandusky and the holes in the state's story, according to joe amandola, the defense attorney. >> the victims were ready to testify, weren't they? >> they were. >> the state said they had 11
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people ready to testify. we believe one was mike mcqueary, a key witness for the state and the others were the young men who clam that were sexually abused by jerry sandusky. we heard from two attorneys representing two of the young men. one said he wanted to take the stand and testify is and quote, unquote, tell the truth and we heard from another attorney who said that his client was actually relieved that he didn't have to testify. >> and what is the deal with mike mcqueary here. we're getting reports, mixed, that he's backtrack on his testimony to the grand jury. makes me wonder if he's trying to protect himself now because he didn't report this initially? >> well, the mcqueary story is very, very interesting now. the harrisburg patriot news came out with the story and said there was a second person at the meeting with his father in the hours after mcqueary claims to have seen the sexual activity with jerry sandusky anden-year-old boy. the patriot news is reporting the doctor who was named, i
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believe his name is dr. davon, he told the drewy that mike mcqueary didn't see sexual activity and asked him three different times and we were all waiting to see mcqueary take the stand today and tell his story under oath to hear with what his story s. it's unclear what heel to the grand juriy and what did he tell his father and what did he tell the third person at the meeting that day. >> all right, paul wagner tonight. and bernie fine won't be prosecuted but the former syracuse coach's ordeal is not over yet. two men who accused him are suing the school and they fired glory -- they have hired gloria allred to represent them. they said fine molested them for years when they were children. he was fired and denied the accusations. the u.s. attorney's office is investigating that. another holiday season in washington, another deadline looming on capitol hill. tonight, once again, the clock is ticking, and there is a payroll tax cut. and republicans are pushing
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forward with . democrats promising to block it. tom fitzgerald is following this. tom, they both want to extend the tax cut. what is the problem here? >> reporter: we have seen these before, haven't we? likeeration the debt ceiling and funding the government, both partying agree on the goal. the problem is how to overcome the differences and if the heated debate we saw is an indication, they may have a long way to go. house republicans unveiled a $192 billion bill to extend the pearl tax cut. even while the own majority leader eric cantor of virginia sounded less than enthusiastic. >> it's not our dream proposal, believe me, but it is and does represent a middle ground and we asked the president to join us. >> reporter: but after threatening a veto, the president told a campaign rally that he will use the debate to reach out for middle-class support. >> we going to have to fight for it. and this is not a slam dunk.
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we're going to have to deliver this message effectively. >> reporter: republicans say their plan extending a payroll tax cut for 160 million workers and funds medicare gaps. it scales down unemployment insurance and funds the canadian oil pipeline. >> yes, we will agree to extend another year the pearl tax holiday but let's get at the root cause of the problem. >> when people really want is the red meat of good, high- paying jobs. >> reporter: the heated debate saw a testy exchange between minority leader nancy pelosi and republican david drier. >> and speaking with a general -- . >> you have plenty of time, mr. chairman, the chairman of the committee, i'm not. i'm not going to yield to you because you make your points all day. i am making mine now. >> reporter: democrats charge the pipeline funding doesn't belong to a payroll tax cut bill. >> republicans go out of their way to block job creation and protect tax cuts for the 1 percenters and they want to raise tax cuts for the 99
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percenters. >> taxing these writers is the sort of stunt that made americanssenical about washington. >> reporter: washington has become expert at last-minute end-of-the-year, do-or-die deadlines and despite the heated talk, both sides are expected to cool off as christmas break approaches. and, you know, congress doesn't act by the end of the year, millions of americans will see their payroll taxes go up when the holiday tax expires. in the midst of all of this, brian, senate and house appropriations personnel are trying to put together a larger package to fund the entire government through next september. the campaign trail has become the place for personal insults as newt gingrich and mitt romney find nasty things to say about each other's money. will he or won't he? the new hit from don -- hint from donald trump he hasn't ruledoate run for president. and his days feel noose out there. 52 degrees and that was a big climb up from places as it
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dropped into the teens last night. we have a couple of showers in the forecast. i will tell when you toes picture them when the news edge at 6 continues. 
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>> the nation's busiest ports to shut down. the demonstrators are standing up for workers against the port companies which, have had recent high-profile clashes with union workers and similar protests in portland, oregon, and longview, washington, leave night. the donald firing himself from the presidential republican debates and decided not to moderate the debate, saying he wants to keep the door open in case he decides to
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run him. a couple of the candidates agreed to participate. meanwhile, the race is getting nasty. newt gingrich and mitt romney trading personal insulting while campaigning in new hampshire. >> i would just say that if governor romney would like to give back all of the money he turned from bankrupting companies and laying offm freeways over his years at bing, i would be glad to listen to him. >> $1.6 million, by the way, a different number than he said in the first debate. he said $300,000 he was there as a historian and that would make him the highest paid historian in history. >> romney continues to hole the lead in new hampshire. and gingrich remains on top in iowa where they will face off in a fox news debate thursday night. another embarrassment for the military as a second drone crashes to the ground. what was it doing over the indian ocean. plus, say goodbye to the f- 22. the military's decided to cut ties to the fighter jet. first, a mexico mayor's christmas card looks look a lesson in the circle of life.
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san watch mayor asked the family to pose in front of a stuffed leopard killing a stuffed antelope. the message inside reads you may eliminate your dreams. ams.รก
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>> a bad month for u.s. intelligence agencies. a second military drone crashed in the tiny island nation of seychelles, not far from a drone base in northeastern africa. happened a week after the first drone crash in iran. this weekend, iran said it would not return the aircraft that is trying to retrieve data inside. the officials in seychelles will return the data there. and costing the production too high for the f-22. jonathan sery has details.
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>> the f-22 raptor you see behind me will be the last to roll off of the assembly line in marietta, georgia. it was a combination of the price tag and purpose that ended production of the fighter aircraft. each one has an official price tag of $153 million. it was designed with a high- tech enemy in mind and critics had argued that with the end of the cold war, such an enemy no longer exists, although defenders say that it made an excellent deterrent against a merging powers. either way, financial concerns win out and this aircraft is being discontinued in favor of the f-35 joint strike fighter which has a price tag of about 2 third of the -- two third of the jet you see behind me "f-35 being behind with foreign sales in mind, not an option for the f-22. the aircraft you see behind me is so advanced the congress didn't want to risk the
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technology bees exported and poofficial -- being exported and potentially fallmy hands. back to you. an early christmas present for military families in kentucky. 72 men and women from fort campbell's 305th quartermaster company got to come home early, part of president obama's plan to bring all 45,000 troops to iraq home by the end of the year. there is another group of soldiers scheduled to return from iraq this month and there will be some fort campbell soldiers in the company and there is no word on their date of return. cruising along in the status department. >> and a couple of showers in the forecast, one of which is a meteor shower. >> okay. >> and we'll talk about that in a moment here. it's fun if can you see it. meanwhile, though, it's been nice during the day and coal at night. last night, 18 degrees for frederick and they were as cold as 20 degrees by 11:00 and we're hoping that it won't be as cold tonight for a couple of reasons. one of which is that you might
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want to get out and look at the meteor shower and there is another coming and the clouds thickening later tonight. we'll focus on this one. called the geminid meteor shower and that is a bright one. we'll help to fight the clouds and the waning moon, coming up before 8:00 and even so, these could be bright enough if you look east after 10:00, and kind of in the general direction of the constellation gemini, you don't need to know where gemini is and that is why they're called the geminids. they come out of it and it's the debris left over from the asteroid and every year at this time, the earth moves on true that debris and you could see as many as 40 an hour and we have to, again, hold off the clouds just a little bit longer and that is going to be parely clear. at 7:00, 44 degrees and too early to see the geminids. and at 42 and maybe by 11, there will be some holes in the clouds and there will be. you have a chance to quiet out and see it and it's going to be
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peaking tomorrow night. i think there is a lot of clouds tomorrow night, though and this is all about the showers of another sort we're tracking the next few days. today, we had a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds from time to time and this is the moisture that we'll be watching. as it rolls into town primary on thursday and we're beginning to see some clouds and a couple of showers showing up through west virginia. tomorrow, as we go through the day, we'll have clouds thickening in the afternoon and could be a spotty shower around in the afternoon and that looks like most of the moisture will hold off until thursday. meanwhile, wasn't it nice to get up to 52 degrees? it felt great, especially after climbing up from teens and the low 20 aslast night and we're hoping that it won't be late thacold. again, a on the 8 -- a lot will depend on the cloud cover. if it's thicker, you can't see the geminid meteor shower and that is 44 at dulles; 37, winchester and 36 at culpepper is definitely warmer than it was last night at this hour and on the other side of the
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mountains, we find temperatures warming up as well and compared to last night. 44 for pittsburgh; 38, detroit and 47 for peckly. for -- for beckley. tonight, not as cold as last night, although 35 is not exactly warm s it? the temperatures will fall into the 20 asagain in the suburbs and hopefully not into the types. clouds and some sun for the morning tomorrow, but the clouds thicken in the afternoon. could be a hit-or-miss shower around tomorrow and that is in the really the main action. we want you to be aware that could happen. the temperature again tomorrow, about 52 degrees and bargaining the temperature department. at 8 in the morning, coop of chilly with a mix of sun and clouds, the temperature of 38. by noon, a few more clouds and by 5:00, with the temperature of 49, could be a spotty shower here and there and we'll cosult the future cast to show you what we're expecting the next 36 hours or so and tomorrow at 5, that is why we're thinking west of d.c., you might catch a shower here and there and that will be about it. we'll wait until thursday afternoon and in the morning, just some clouds around on
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thursday. to see a couple of other showers go on by and definitely not a lot in the rain department. just some showers here and there and it looks like they're out of here before the nighttime. so, we'll have a few clouds around most of the rest of that does stay in the mountains and may be a couple of flurries in the mountains and that should be it. this is your five-day forecast. definitely on auto pilot here, we'll watch the showers for you for maybe a couple of rounds tomorrow afternoon and again on thursday and we begin cooling off into the weekend and with some temperatures in the mid- 40s and a good amount of sunshine, i think, both days and is quiet, brian. here we are in the week before christmas and not a lot to have to watch. maybe next week something. >> going fast, isn't it? >> yes, it s. the nearly 1,000 single soldiers are getting a taste of home, thanks in part to virginia first lady marie mcdonald. the wife was on base today to help pack bundles of home-baked cookies to give to the single soldiers on base and took part
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in a holiday home tour organized by the belvoir officers spouse's club. a pair of lovebirds, buddy and pedro. they set up house together and are fighting after being forced to part. the toronto zoo made them meat with females, their species is in danger. it's a good thing they're separated. ted. @
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>> the latest crackdown on drunk driving has kicked off. lahood said drunk driving deaths are down in 32 states and the vict -- district, thanks to the work of several organizations and police,
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sheriff's, and state troopers. >> the truth is we would never ever be where we're at today in america in terms of getting drunk drivers off of our roads without good laws, go enforcement from these great law enforcement people who represent law enforcement, who take seriously the idea that driving and drinking is a serious violation. >> the secretary lahood reminded drivers they need to turn off their cell phones and wear a seatbelt. we all know the dangers of texting while driving. an influential government agency wants to put a stop to it. the ntsb is recommending all states ban the use of cell phones and other electronic devices behind the wheel, except in the case of an emergency. jimmeningel reports. >> reporter: i see -- jim engel reports. >> i see people texting all of the time when driving. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling for a nationwide ban on electronics behind the wheel, urging american drivers to focus on where they're going.
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>> no e-mail, no text. no update. no calls. it's worth -- none of that is worth a human life. >> reporter: a study by the national transportation safety board administration said more than 3,000 deaths last year were linked to distractions. in any given mom, more than 100 drivers is preoccupied. >> week all be one of the people if we don't take personal responsibility. >> reporter: 35 states have texting and driving bans on the books and nine states take it a step further, prohibiting the use of handheld cell phones while operating a vehicle. >> i stopped because you were talking on the cell phone. >> reporter: drinking and driving remains a deadlier problem, accounting for 31% of roadway deaths in 2010. the regular awareness and harsher punishments disconsumerred drunk driving the past decade and you in officials want to do the same with distracted driving. >> our law enforcement agencies deal with aggressive driving. they deal with a lot of issues that are chalying.
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i know that they will be able to come up with ways to identify, how to enforce this. we see many states that are looking to do. this. >> reporter: the ntsb is making a recommendation here. it does not have the authority to implement the phone ban. now, our cities and states, those who patrol our streets and highways, will have to decide if they want go along. in washington, jim engell, fox news. >> you have the news am. the news is always on we're back here at 10 on the news edge at 11. have a great night. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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